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Background and further Information

embeddedexpert helps with your advanced media project!
Intelligent interfaces for sophisticated multi-media content distribution.

Fifteen Years of industry experience with state of the art real-time embedded systems and 25 years focussed on microprocessors, ranging from ARM 7 based SOC Triscend A7 to Intel XScale with Motorola automotive MPC 555/565 networking PowerQUICC MPC 860 862 and PowerQUICC II 8260 8265, Hitachis SH3-DSP and SH4, and other 32-bit processor families. In-depth knowledge in engineering and project management aspects of modern 32-bit systems design combined with international management experience, automotive background and multilingual communications.

Embeddedexpert throws the light on new technological developments: more and more SOC systems on chip take over traditional PCB based systems and subsystem designs. We concentrate on Xilinx and Altera FPGA technologies which allow almost complete replacement of traditional systems while offering both soft and hard processor core components to maintain legacy code base. We can help with your transition to these new technologies!

We accept bidding for new projects, your ideas for cooperation, please click here.

Please contact info at embeddedexpert for more information.

Embedded Expert helps your Custom-Hard and Software for Embedded Systems and Microcontroller Design

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