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aktualisiert 09/2006


Noch nicht Ihr Produkt sondern unseres!

Jetzt lieferbar: Prozessorbeschreibungen im XML Format!

Ideal für die Anpassung einer Debugger-Software auf neue Prozessorarchitektur. Beliebig erweiterbares XML Format für eigene Hardwareerweiterungen, insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit FPGA-programmierten SOC Einchip-Lösungen.

Unser Angebotsschwerpunkt liegt auf dem Interface zwischen Hardware und Software: hardwarenahe Programmierung, Systementwurf und Realisierung HW/SW, Software für spezifische Hardware.


Product announcement!

Not yours but ours! Please see the sample offering and contact us to meet your special requirements!

It may be Software, it may be Hardware? Our offer concentrates on the hardware-software interface including services like programming of drivers, assembly of board support packages, ready to use hard- and software design.

Fast and experienced service available to personalize your 32-bit system's industry-standard debugger (SingleStep, VisionCLICK, etc.) onto FPGA embedded processor kernels and your individual interfaces, or onto any custom hardware.

please contact info@embeddedexpert.com for more information

Download MC 68332 sample file here: processordescription.zip

zip-file contains both XML Processor description for the popular Motorola CPU32 MC 68332 communications processor, as well as the matching DTD file.

This is an inclomplete sample file (register access addresses are missing), complete up-to-date register description files for many more 32-bit microprocessors and microcontrollers are available, we also do custom hardware description files to adapt any software debugger to your project's special requirements.

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